Style Garden digital asset social trading platform is committed to opening up a new blue ocean in the global NFT market, enriching NFT formats and creating social trading channels, and establishing the core competitiveness in the vertical field of Socialfi in the Web3.0 industry. FU WIND Research Summary: The essence of Web3 is to realize digital content assetization and digital asset tokenization (securitization) in a decentralized manner; the essence of products is tools, and the purpose of tools is efficiency, and the aggregation of similar information is to improve efficiency The essential. FU WIND is committed to improving the capitalization efficiency of digital innovation content and creating value from it.
Style Garden aims to break through the competition pattern of the original NFT trading market through the social e-commerce model, display, interact, evaluate, and trade NFT digital assets through social platforms, enrich the original NFT content evaluation system, and establish a long-tail NFT marketing space. Provide creators with a new paradigm of Web3.0 creator economy such as aggregated creative projects, aggregated content created by AIGC, aggregated social content NFT assets, aggregated marketing platforms, aggregated DAO organization communities, etc. Establish a unified social channel for users/consumers/investors/creators/project parties to provide creators with creative capitalization, AIGC capitalization, social content capitalization, NFT long-tail asset liquidity, NFT social interaction, and Web3 project marketing promotion Development, DAO organizations, etc. provide value. Provide users with the creator production method of Creat to Earn, and realize the positive cycle of creator economy.
The team members of the company are all graduated from Fudan University. The team has working experience in many major Internet companies, finance, and Fortune 500 companies, and has rich industry knowledge and international vision. The company is committed to the vision of "Make every creat idea possible", takes "Inspire and enable people around the world to inspiration and innovation" as its mission, and takes "By creators For creators" as its slogan to help creators around the world realize great ideas. Promote the high-quality development of human society.